4:54pm July 11, 2014

Doctor Who Poem II: The Master

There he does stand, always to fight for might;
Gazing down on the galaxies below.
Strength greater than mortal men is his right -
Except when fighting an equal hero.

Hatred, worship, ignorance, love and fear;
Thus are his villainous acts greeted.
Betrayed by his folk, he is their traitor -
For he can’t bear to see his death fated.

Master of Time, with foes kind and loyal;
That we see the dark, he battles the light.
He faces heroes who would save us all -
And justice, dark justice, is his delight.

His name means guide, teacher, and warrior;
These he is all, and yet none all the same.
A fool, a coward, a lie, a traitor -
These he is all, and yet none all the same.

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